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Young Fathers.


“With issues of race there’s always a gray area, because it’s based on people’s experiences and their association with color. What is a black man? What is a white man? And it’s sexual as well. How women are treated all the time. But all in all, it’s about acknowledgement. Acknowledging difference. Things aren’t just black and white. That’s what’s put in the media, in society, but everything is in-between, and that’s the beauty. And this publicizes that, puts it out there for people, because it can change people’s mindset. Music is a powerful tool. So having this title, White Men Are Black Men Too, can get people thinking. We could’ve just tweeted that or used it as a clothing thing but we embodied it. It’s an album and we’re promoting it so journalists and radio have to say that statement. And it goes deeper than that. Look at us. We’re a multiracial group. Us performing together is a statement in itself.”

~ Del intervjuja z Alloysiousom iz Young Fathers leta 2015, v celoti ga lahko preberete tukaj

Ne morem verjeti, da sem šele v nedeljo izvedela, da Young Fathers nastopajo na festivalu Ment in ker je to en novejših bendov, ki ga zadnje leto res pogosto poslušam, se mi je kar malo zmešalo, še bolj pa se mi je zmešalo sinoči na koncertu. Temu jaz rečem muzika za ples! In koncertno leto se ne bi moglo začeti bolje, res je bil vrhunski nastop, pa čeprav dolg le slabo uro. Strašno sem zadovoljna in zadovoljena, strašno zelo! Kar malo cepetam, še vedno. ♥

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