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“I always said to writers that the secret to writing any woman character is to just write the character. Think of her as a man, and then don’t change a word. Have a woman play her. Don’t make any kind of strange scenes where she suddenly collapses into tears because, ‘Oh we have to make her sympathetic.’ That has always been a huge problem. They’ve been told to make the women sympathetic, when of course that’s what we admire in a man. They don’t suddenly break down in a corner. It’s a huge step forward in the battle for equality, for women in general in our country, and I think #MeToo extends all around the planet. It’s very exciting. It’s overdue. It absolutely needed to happen. I have been asked a couple of questions by Italian men who I think expected me to go, ‘Oh, it’s horrible,’ and I went, ‘It’s great!’”

~ Sigourney Weaver

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